Development and High Performance

South Australia has a long and proud tradition of producing elite athletes that have competed on the national and international scene. To encourage this tradition to continue, Table Tennis South Australia (TTSA), in partnership with Table Tennis Australia (TTA) at the time, established a South Australian High Performance Squad (SAHPS) in 2006. The intent of the program is to provide a pathway for athletes to progress to a nationally competitive standard. In addition to this, the program aims to ensure athletes are supported during their playing career as well as post their competitive career by providing them insights into coaching and other educational initiatives.

There have been a number of highlights over the years including selection in National Junior Teams, Australian Champions, Olympic and international representation and a host of other national and international achievements.

The appointed coaches are Paul Langley (Level 3 ASC Coach, Section Manager and Assistant Coach – Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympic Games, National Assistant Coach and Team Manager from 2006 – 2012. Member of Table Tennis Australia’s High Performance Committee) and David Lowe – Level 2 ASC Coach.

Athlete Pathways

Table Tennis South Australia has developed an athlete pathway which is based on Table Tennis Australia’s (TTA) FTEM Pathway.
Foundations, Talent, Elite & Mastery (FTEM) is representative of the “whole of sport” pathway from common and unique phases of development for participants at the active lifestyle, sport and high performance sport phases.
The framework has been generated by sport practitioners of the AIS Athlete Pathway Development team to address the current shortfalls in applied research and practice specific to athlete development.
The FTEM framework consists of 4 stages of the skill and performance development of sporting participants with a further 10 smaller stages. These are:

  • Foundations (F1, F2 and F3)
  • Talent (T1, T2, T3 and T4)
  • Elite (E1 and E2)
  • Mastery (M).

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2017 Appointments

Paul Langley – Coach
Kevin Malyschko – Assistant Coach
Team Manager – Vacant

Open & Youth
Sujay Ghorpade

Paul Langley – Coach
Cynthia Langley – Team Manager

David Lowe – Coach
Karen Von Einem – Team Manager

State Selectors

Paul Langley
Cynthia Langley
Kevin Malyschko – reserve
Open & Youth
Cynthia Langley
Paul Langley
3rd position – vacant

Cynthia Langley
Julie Coombes
Paul Langley

2017 High Performance Squad

Tier 1 – High Performance

Coach – Mr Paul Langley (Olympian, 20+ Australian Champion, 3+ Oceania Champion International Representative, Level 3 Coach)


  • Dyson Langley
  • Helen Thai Trinh
  • Isaiah Lee
  • Jaydon Truong
  • Liem Luong
  • Marsha Guseva
  • Sally Du

Tier 2 – Development Squad

Coach – Mr Kevin Malyschko (State Assistant Coach, State Representative, Level 1 Coach)


  • Sidath Chandrasena
  • Samadhi Chandrasena
  • Jennifer Nguyen
  • Lucas Milson
  • Harry Takos
  • Sebastian Bollido
  • Thomas Mitev
  • Eric Luksch

Tier 3 – Emerging Athletes

Coach – Mrs Claire Langley (State representative and Level 1 Coach)


  • Cam Thomas
  • Max Thomas
  • Thomas Woodcock
  • Bryant Wu
  • Ivan Lau
  • Anthony Freegard
  • Kobe Marsh
  • Owen Davies
  • Brooke Campbell

High Performance Para Squad

Coaches – Mr David Lowe and Mr Kevin Malyschko


  • Sam Von Einem
  • Caleb Crowden
  • Amanda Tscharke
  • Hayley Sands
  • Connor Holdback
  • Yasir Hussaini
  • Toby Mills
  • James Chapman