Rules and Discussion

Maintaining A Legal Bat:

General Concept - any damage must be minimal, less than 2mm in size. Only minor damage is acceptable

1. No pieces of rubber missing / torn rubber

2. No exposed wood on the edges of the blade surface

3. Wood from the side of the blade is not missing or damaged, and

4. Pimpled rubber - groups of pimples are not missing

What is a Legal Serve:

While there are quite a few elements to serving legally, focus on the following key aspects

1. Start with the ball in a stationary position in the palm of the free hand, above the height of the table, and behind the end line.

2. project the ball near vertical at least 16cm in height, and

3. Ensure your free hand is removed out of the way upon projecting the ball. Your opponent/s should always be able to see the ball as part of the serving action.

Serving - The Don'ts:

While there are various types of breaches to the service rule, the 4 situations below occur frequently

1. Do not throw the ball backward on projecting the ball (the toss must be near vertical)

2. Do not carry the ball up, throw it up (at least 16cm in height)

3. Do not hold the ball in your fingers or closed hand, use an open palm, and

4. Do not hold the ball below the table or project it upwards over the table

Note - be aware of the difference between a 'doubtful serve' and an 'illegal serve

Rules - Did You Know:

Are you aware accidental double hitting is OK [Law]

If you move the playing surface during a point, you lose the point [Law]

You can have any size bat, as long as it complies - good luck finding a single sheet of rubber! [Law 2.4.1]