Life Members


Life Memberships is the highest honour that can be bestowed by the Association for longstanding and valued service to the Sport in South Australia.

How is Life Membership Granted

Any Member may recommend a person for Life Membership by notice in writing to the Board.  A recommendation to the Table Tennis SA Board must include a written report outlining the history of services of the nominee. The Board also may recommend to the Annual General Meeting that any natural person who has rendered long and distinguished service to the Association or the Sport be appointed as a Life Member.

A person may only be appointed a Life Member only by Special Resolution put to an Annual General Meeting by the Board.

Paul Langley Kay Crowell Max Medwell *
Maurice Quinn Greg Bungey Ann Percy *
Betty Jolley * Barbara Tickner Brian Howard
Doug Luckraft (OAM) * Geoff Goss Chris Leonard *
Neil Ward Noel Bell * Cynthia Langley (OAM)
Harold Williams * R Owen * Basil Rudd *
J Aufderheide * D T Collins * Phil Anderson *
Dennis Tucker * W Oatey (OAM) B Howard  *
Sid Aarons * M M Drew * Dr John Jackson *
E W Amos * E W Archer * R A Brinsley *
R A Vardon * A G Inkley * C C Whitridge *
A M Lyon * M F Brown * F G Hicks *
* Deceased