Affiliiate Membership


Affiliation Overview

As a not-for-profit organisation, TTSA relies upon revenue from player registrations in part to develop and coordinate Table Tennis activities throughout South Australia.

Our vision is for the South Australian (SA) Table Tennis family to work as one to grow a vibrant SA Table Tennis community; and in doing so, connect more people in SA with Table Tennis!

Table Tennis SA (TTSA), our member clubs and associations; and other delivery partners (e.g.; schools, corporates, etc.) will aim to work collaboratively to provide a positive and meaningful experience for our current members and program participants, introduce more people in SA to our sport and inspire a new generation to get involved and stay involved in our sport.

How to Affiliate - Complete and return the Affiliation Application by the due date, download and list all players to be registered in the registration workbook, and return to TTSA by the due date shown on the application form.  
Where an affiliate has a revolutioniseSPORT portal the spreadsheet need not be completed. Instead players to be registered will be entered directly into the membership database via the affiliates portal.

Annual Membership Database Rollover

Each year on the 1st of January the National Membership database rolls over into the new year.  As a consequence, all members are archived. When this happens a member's login and National Member ID will not work until that membership has been renewed in the new year. The TTSA Membership database is part of the hierarchical National Membership database and is also rolled over.

Players, officials, and coaches are renewed, or added if a new member to the TTSA Membership database when affiliates provide their affiliation worksheets.

How Affiliation Monies Are Used & Benefits of Affiliation

  • INSURANCE COVER In a period of escalating insurance costs, your access to affordable public liability and player accident insurance is one of many reasons to affiliate with Table Tennis South Australia. TTSA’s sports insurance policy has been renewed for 2024 through the national insurance scheme arranged through Table Tennis Australia. This Insurance Policy continues to provide player accident, Public Liability, and Professional Indemnity insurance for associations/clubs and individual members.
    • You would be surprised by the number of personal accident insurance claims that are made thereby highlighting the importance of player accident insurance.
  • ACCESS TO COACHING COURSES There will be coaching courses offered for 2024 in response to demand. Where possible, and where demands indicate, courses may be held in regional locations and/or metropolitan based to provide easy access to all affiliated associations/clubs.
  • ACCESS TO UMPIRING COURSES There will be umpiring courses offered for 2024 in response to demand. Where possible, and where demands indicate, courses will be held online with the final component and examinations to be held at a city venue.
  • ASSISTANCE WITH ASSOCIATION/CLUB PLANNING TTSA is available to assist associations/clubs. TTSA also aids with grant applications and the provisions of policy documents such as a Member Protection Policy and Member Code of Conduct.
  • TTSA ENDORSEMENTS & DISCOUNTS Table Tennis South Australia offers its affiliated associations/clubs several discount benefits from time to time currently including One of a Kind Table Tennis Shop – TABLE TENNIS SHOP
  • WEBSITE NEWS TTSA’s official website and Facebook are available to all registered members. Articles on the website provide information to all associations/clubs and individual members. Tournament results may also be accessed through the TTSA website. All associations/clubs and players are invited to contribute articles and photographs to the website to keep everyone up to date with activities in their local area or to recognise significant achievements by members. The website also provides links to State, National, and International associations where information on rules and competition can be found as well as live streaming of videos of matches.
    Receive via email a link to the TTA e-Newsletter.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE PROGRAM Access for athletes to be part of the TTSA’s successful High-Performance Program.
    • Compliance with government requirements regarding policies set by TTSA which cover all TTSA Affiliates e.g., Member Protection, Child Safety, etc
    • Usage of the Ratings Central programs 'Zermelo' and 'Cantor' at no cost as the cost is absorbed by TTA.
    • Participation in the Country Carnival (Country Affiliates only)
    • Voting rights at TTSA General Meetings
    • Acknowledgment of sanctioned open tournaments on the official TTSA Calendar of Events
    • Participation in open tournaments by your members
    • Registered players of all affiliated Clubs/Associations are eligible to trial for selection in State Teams (Junior, Youth, Senior, and Veteran)
    • Rule interpretation and regular updates on changes to the I.T.T.F. rules with assistance in the settlement of disputes that may arise through the rule interpretation
    • Assistance with the resolution of disputes arising from the interpretation of the local constitution and By-Laws
    • As an affiliate, you can note on grant application forms that you are an affiliate of TTSA (it is a short-listing criterion for Rec & Sport and many Councils)
    • Represented by State Association on all possible Government Committees, Olympic, Commonwealth, Sport S.A., etc