Seedings and State Selectors

Seedings and State Selectors – Overview by authority of the Board of TTSA Management

  1. TTSA State Selectors are empowered to select seedings for sanctioned tournaments as well as state teams.
  2. The composition of the State Selectors is 3 with a Chair of the Committee nominated each year.
  3. Players competing in Sanctioned TTSA events accumulate points based on their results. These points are considered as part of the seedings process with points allocated based on an individual’s performance. Points range from a nominal point allocation (i.e first round losers) through to 220 -350 points for State Titles. Over a period of a tournament year, players who compete in tournaments (sanctioned) can accumulate points which contributes towards their seeding, state rankings and state team selection. TTSA has determined that the point scoring system is designed to reward players who enter and support TTSA sanctioned tournaments.
  4. Prior to sanctioned events, State Selectors receive a player entry list from the tournament organisers with each player listed in each event (singles and doubles) along with their Ratings Centrals points.
  5. When considering seedings, the state selectors will first consider the points a player has accumulated by competing in sanctioned events, and then compare that against their Rating Centrals points. Instances where there are large deviations in their rating centrals points are taken into consideration.
  6. The State Selectors then nominate their seedings based on these factors noting that all seedings are completed independent to each state selector.
  7. The Chair of the State Selectors collects the seedings nominations and then finalises the list based on seedings provided.
  8. The State Selectors are empowered to make all decisions in relation to seedings for open tournaments and State representation for all players (juniors, seniors, veterans and paras) with the points accumulation a guiding principle when selecting seedings, state teams as well as state rankings.
  9. This process has been in place for many years however TTSA Board of Management have determined that a review will be undertaken at the conclusion of the 2023 season to ensure the process is fit for purpose or improvements can be made.

For Information - Drawsheets & Ratings Central Points

  • Please note that Zermelo Tournament Software is used for running of sanctioned tournaments and will draw events based upon the ratings central points of the players in the event. That is the player with the highest ratings central points is treated as seed 1 etc.
  • Zermelo is a tournament management program available from Ratings Central.
  • However, all events in State Championships and Sanctioned Tournaments are seeded by the State Selectors. In several instances the State Selectors seeding for an event, for valid reasons, may be different to the event ranking order as per the player’s ratings central points.
  • For the event to be drawn in accordance with the State Selector seeding it is necessary to change the ratings central points in the Zermelo software package.
  • This change does not affect at all the player’s rating in the Ratings Central website.
  • Once the draw for the event in question is completed the players ratings central points are changed back to the correct number in Zermelo.
  • This is the reason why sometimes you will notice that your Ratings Central rating shown on a drawsheet displayed is not your actual Ratings Central rating.