Policies and Forms


TTSA Strategic Plan

Our vision is for the South Australian (SA) Table Tennis family to work as one to grow a vibrant SA Table Tennis community; and in doing so, connect more people in SA with Table Tennis!

OUR FUTURE NOW! 2020-2022 provides the blueprint for how TTSA will work in open collaboration with our key stakeholders and partners to drive the growth, increased capacity, relevance and sustainability of Table Tennis in SA.  

TTSA - 02 - 2020 - 2022 Abridged Strategic Plan

Match Play Rules (Updated for 2024)

The Constitution of TTSA enables the Board of Management to develop and approve Match Play Rules and Regulations.

The document below sets out the rules and regulations to be followed during TTSA’s approved Winter Pennant Competition.

Download - TTSA-10 - TTSA Winter Pennant Match Play Rules

AGM Reports

2022 Chairs Report

2021 Chairs Report

2020 Chairs Report

2019 Chairs Report

2018 Chairs Report

2016 Chairs Report

2015 Chairs Report

2014 Chairs Report

Child Safe Environment Policy

TTSA is committed to the safety and well-being of all children and young people accessing TTSA’s services and the welfare of the children and young people in TTSA’s care will always be TTSA’s first priority. All children and young people who come to TTSA have a right to feel free from harm and to be safe.

Shown below is the Table Tennis Australia Safeguarding Policy that TTSA has adopted under the TTA National Integrity Framework.

Also adopted and shown is the TTA (SA) Child Safeguarding Policy Addendum.  The South Australian Addendum has been developed to supplement the Child Safeguarding Policy to meet SA Government compliance requirements. To the extent of any inconsistency between this Addendum and the Child Safeguarding Policy, this Addendum will prevail. 

TTSA -12 - Child Safeguarding Policy

TTSA - 12A - (SA) Child Safeguarding Policy Addendum

DHS History Check Procedure

TTSA requires those ‘working with children’ (eg accredited coaches / accredited officials / junior team managers to undertake a Department of Human Services, DHS History Assessment Application. Additionally, effective 1/7/2019 under new legislation, Club Committee Members need to have a DHS clearance (because they manage volunteers working with children). Legislation also requires coaches over 14 years old (previously 18 yrs old) to have a DHS clearance.
DHS Application Flyer - Starting The Process

DHS Application Procedure




January 2021 Policies Register

State Team - Qualification Exemption Request

Member Protection Policy

The Board of Management of Table Tennis SA has adopted this Member Protection Policy to ensure a safe environment for all members of the table tennis community. The Policy includes a commitment to ensure an environment that is safe for children, one that is free from harassment and abuse and one that promotes respectful and positive behaviour and values.

TTSA - 08 - Member Protection Policy

MPIO and Child Safe Officer Policy

The purpose of this document is to assist in defining what the position of Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) is and what the position of Child Safe Officer (CSO) is with each position having different roles and responsibilities.

TTSA -15 - Member Protection and Child Safe Officer Policy

Insurance for Affiliated Clubs

Affiliation with TTSA provides the following insurance benefits:

- Player Accident Insurance
- Professional Indemnity Insurance
- Public Liability Insurance

The insurance is arranged through the national insurance scheme arranged through Table Tennis  Australia. 

TTSA - 26 - Affiliation & Insurance Policy

Hot Weather Policy

The health and well-being of all those involved in playing, coaching, officiating or administrating table tennis is a priority issue for Table Tennis SA Inc. (TTSA).

TTSA acknowledges that Heat Stress injury can occur but is preventable. TTSA will promote and encourage appropriate modified behaviour and in extreme situations will cancel events where it feels safety of participants is at serious risk.

TTSA 04 - Hot Weather Policy

TTSA Tournament Regulations

This document has been approved for implementation by the Board of Table Tennis SA to apply to all State and TTSA sanctioned tournaments.

This document is designed to provide compliance requirements and guidance to TTSA Affiliates conducting a sanctioned table tennis tournament.

TTSA Sanctioned Tournament Regulations

Zermelo Tournament Manual

Zermelo is a software application provided via the Ratings Central website for the purpose of running table tennis tournaments. The software has a facility to submit results to the Ratings Central website (www.ratingscentral.com). As TTSA requires State Championships & Sanctioned tournament results to be submitted to Ratings Central, using Zermelo is the solution.

TTSA - 25 - Zermelo Tournament Manual

State Team Regulations & Ranking Policy

These regulations have been prepared to assist State Selectors, State Coaches and State Team Managers in the performance of their duties.

They are also for the use of players in understanding what they are required to do to be eligible for State Team selection.

TTSA - 22 - State Team and Rankings

State Selectors Policy

This policy captures the following roles State Selectors, State Coaches and State Team Managers and should be read in conjunction with the State Teams and Rankings Policy.

TTSA - 21 - State Selectors and Coaches Team Managers

State Awards Policy

Table Tennis South Australia seeks to recognise the outstanding achievements and contributions of a number of athletes, coaches, members and volunteers each year. These awards help set standards of excellence for Table Tennis South Australia.

TTSA - 20 - State Awards

TTSA Constitution

Table Tennis South Australia (TTSA) is incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1985, an act administered by the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs.

TTSA’s Constitution, approved on 29 March 2015 at the 2015 AGM, is based on the Office of Sport and Recreation template and takes into account the Australian Sports Commission’s ‘Sports Governance Principles’ and reflects how TTSA is to operate in the current environment to achieve its goals and objectives.

TTSA - 01 - Constitution (Updated 2015)

Code of Conduct

Our society expects high standards of behaviour from all people involved in sport and it is vital these expectations are met and the integrity of the sport of table tennis maintained.

Regardless of the nature of a person’s involvement in sport, there are four guiding principles that lead to appropriate behaviour: Fairness, Respect, Responsibility and Safety.

It is the responsibility of persons subject to this Code of Conduct to honor this Code of Conduct not merely in its literal sense, but in its spirit.

TTSA - 05 - Code of Conduct

Privacy Policy

Table Tennis South Australia (“TTSA”) recognises that privacy is important and that individuals have a right to control their personal information. TTSA acknowledges that providing personal information is an act of trust and that the provision of such information is a serious concern.

TTSA, as an organisation, is committed to protecting personal information.