2017 Winter Pennant Draw

Summary of changes to Winter Pennant for 2017

New players that exceed their estimated points cap by 40 points or more and their team exceeds the maximum points cap for that grade the player will not be permitted to compete in the finals and will need to be replaced by a player from a lower grade.
Players points will be a minimum of 30% or their carried forward points whichever the highest.
Grades will be a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 teams, 3 team nominations per club up from 2.
No doubles throughout competition
Matches to commence at 7.15pm
No matches to commence past 10.30pm
Team Captains are responsible for match recording, results to be text or emailed within 72 hours to record Secretary Tim von Einem 0478 837 827 or tvoneinem@iinet.net.au
Uniform – club shorts and tops, track bottoms only in cold weather no exceptions

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