To the SA table tennis community…….so far SA has experienced moderate temperatures during the summer months, but it seems those hot summer days are only just around the corner. The Board of Management of TTSA ask everyone to take care during the heat of the summer and be considerate of the impact of heat stress when planning or conducting competition, tournaments, coaching and other table tennis activities in non air conditioned environments.

You are reminded of the TTSA Hot Weather Policy, the thrust of which says do not conduct table tennis activities at non air conditioned venues where the temperature is likely to be 36° Celsius on the day of the activity. Check the forecast temperature and postpone, cancel or relocate table tennis activity as appropriate.

Sporting coordinators are also encouraged to read the policy and the Sports Medicine Australia Beat the Heat flyer which provides advice on ways heat stress can be minimised.

Enjoy your table tennis, but keep it safe.

Board of Management

Table Tennis SA