At TTSA’s AGM held on 20 March 2016, Ms Ann Percy was awarded Life Membership of TTSA.  Life Membership is the highest honour that can be bestowed by an Association for longstanding and valued service to the Sport in South Australia.

Ann has been actively involved in Table Tennis for over 30 years, at both a local club level and as a key volunteer on the Board of Table Tennis SA (TTSA) Inc.

Ann has held numerous positions on the Board of TTSA over the last 12 years, including roles as Executive Director, Finance Director and combination of portfolios where coverage was required.

Ann has been instrumental in preparing, lodging and administrating grants through numerous sources as well as building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders in Sport SA and the Office of Recreation and Sport which has positively impacted on the sport.

Ann has actively volunteered and been part of junior, senior and AWD events and has spent numerous hours catering (sourcing, preparing and cooking), organising travel, accommodation and other activities to ensure that these events are a success and enjoyed by all participants.  Ann has also been instrumental in the administration of state and national events at both the junior and senior level.  All of Ann’s activities and efforts over the last 30 years are true honorarium positions.

Besides the work Ann has done at a TTSA Board level, Ann has been very involved in her local club and association for the last 35 years.  Ann has been treasurer of North East Hills for thirteen (13) years and been on many sub committees during that time.  Ann was awarded Life Membership of North East Hills Association in 2011.

From a State Sporting Organisations perspective, being a small sport, TTSA relies on the efforts of Ann and she has contributed to the sport at all levels of administration and volunteering.  Ann’s enthusiasm, support and involvement has enabled participants to enjoy our sport.  Ann is an absolute credit to the sport of Table Tennis.

Congratulations Ann from the Table Tennis community!