Table Tennis South Australia (TTSA) is responsible for the regulations and the conduct of the annual Winter Play Competition. As a result of feedback received throughout 2015, TTSA formed a Match Play Review Panel consisting of stakeholders that have expertise in conducting match play as well as representatives from TTSA.

These representatives included Paul Langley (TTSA President), David Lowe (TTSA Match Director), Alan Herman (Adelaide TTC), Damien Maddigan (German TTC) and Paul Glassenbury (Brighton TTC).

The Panel was responsible for undertaking a review of all elements of the Winter Match Play competition with a view to identifying improvement opportunities that:
 enhance the transparency of the competition
 ensure a fair and equitable playing field for all players and affiliates
 encourage participation of new and existing members
 encourage participation of the younger demographics (eg. children).

As a result of the Panel’s review and feedback provided by members, a number of changes will be trialed for the 2016 season.

Open Letter 17 February 2016