The TTSA Board have decided that the RevolutioniseSPORT online system will be used for recording Winter Pennant results in season 2020. 

RevolutioniseSPORT is an online cloud-based platform for sports club management, including membership and finances, competition management, governance tools, and more. Table Tennis SA will be using the system for competition management.  This system is also being used by another table tennis association for the management and recording of their pennant results..

The advantage of using RevolutioniseSPORT is that match results may be entered by a team captain or a Club administrator directly into the system, this means that results are updated online and immediately available for viewing. This will also enable the results to be loaded to Ratings Central in the week following the matches played which is much faster than what currently occurs

The system will also enable the score steward (Tim) to follow up via an email from the system should a result not be entered.  This change will mean that it will no longer be necessary for team captains to take a photo of the score sheet and either email or text the photo to the score steward.

RevolutioniseSPORT is used by many other sports for online recording of sports results and is an exciting innovation for Table Tennis SA in enabling the ability to view draws, team results, premiership tables and individual player tables online.

RevolutioniseSPORT will only be used for the recording of match results, the preparation of draws and determination of top players and other current Match Committee processes will not change.

View the “Draws and Results” and “Competition Tables” menus to view the information that will be available for viewing in season 2020 (Please note that the information viewed is for illustration purposes and is not up to date.).