Officiating (SATTOC)

The South Australian Table Tennis Officiating Council (SATTOC) is an affiliate of Table Tennis SA. SATTOC was formed in excess of 20 years ago to foster the provision of qualified officials at TTSA sanctioned tournaments and major table tennis events hosted by South Australia.

SATTOC is continually looking for persons seeking to undertake officiating activity, gain accreditation and help share the annual tournament officiating workload in SA.

For those who wish to extend the boundaries of officiating, on obtaining international accreditation, opportunities exist to go overseas and umpire at World Championships, Commonwealth Games, Olympics and ITTF circuit events.

Legal Serving

While there is quite a few elements to serving legally, focus on the following keys aspects.

1. start with the ball in a stationary position in the palm of your hand above the height of the table and behind the endline.

2. project the ball near vertical at least 16 cm in height, and

3. ensure your free hand is removed out of the way upon projecting the ball

Maintaining a Legal Bat

General Concept – any damage is minimal, less than 2mm in size. Only minor damage acceptable

1. No pieces of rubber missing / torn rubber

2. No exposed wood on the edges of the blade surfaces

3. Wood from the side of the blade is not missing or damaged, and

4. Pimpled rubber – groups of pimples not missing.

Serving -The Dont’s

1. Do not throw the ball backwards on projecting the ball

2. Do not carry the ball up, throw it up

3. Do not hold the ball in your fingers or closed hand, use an open palm, and

4. Do not hold the ball below the table or project it upwards over the table

Table Tennis Laws

Are you aware accidental double hitting is OK?

The Laws of Table Tennis []

If you move the playing surface during a point, you lose that point.

The Laws of Table Tennis []

You can have any size bat, as long as it complies, good luck finding a single sheet of rubber!!

The Laws of Table Tennis [2.4.1]

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Greg Bungey

Greg Bungey

SATTOC President

Enquiries To Become A Qualified Umpire:

Maurice Quinn

Treasurer, SATTOC.

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Phone : 0411 042 320

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